Pioneers in Industrial Braking Systems

A world leader in motion control and filtration technology since 1905

Although founded in 1905, Hilliard came of age during the Great Depression. Today, the Hilliard Corporation comprises four facilities in Central New York and has evolved from a one-product business into a special-applications engineering company serving customers worldwide.

The Hilliard Corporation offers a broad line of motion control products, oil filtration and reclaiming equipment, starters for industrial gas and diesel engines and gas turbines, and plate and frame filter presses used in the food and beverage industry. Our filtration systems are sold under the trade names of Hilco and Star Filters.

Located in Elmira, NY, The Hilliard Corporation has been independently owned and operated for more than a century. Our company philosophy is a remarkable mixture of innovation, creativity, practicality and common sense.

Hilliard employees wide shot
Hilliard Employees

Hallmarks of Hilliard

Hilliard's corporate values are defined by our people...Hardworking, reliable and customer-focused